Why, it’s almost as if Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall doesn’t care about journalistic integrity at all!

Marshall’s the one who’s not ready.

He writes:

Public diplomacy is not usually long on nuance. So whatever comes after, start with the fact that Rubio directly compares Islam to Nazism, which is a pretty mind-boggling thing for a serious contender for the presidency to say. But what he says after that goes a lot deeper. [Emphasis is Twitchy’s]

Yeah … no. Here’s what Rubio said, according to the transcript Marshall includes in his piece:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.48.02 PM

So no, Josh. Rubio most definitely did not compare “all Muslims to Nazi Party members.” Once again, because leftist dolts refuse to acknowledge that radical Islam is a thing, Marshall thinks he can get away with accusing Marco Rubio of impugning Muslims in general.

What an ass.




Exactly. And Josh wants to make sure that business is booming.