These are dangerous, trying times we’re living in. And Fox News’ Jonathan Hunt, for one, is pleased to see that our congressmen have their priorities straight:

So, what’s the pressing issue that’s got Congress all fired up?

Serious, you guys:

The House Energy and Commerce Committee passed a environmentally conscious bill Wednesday that aims to keep the small plastic beads found in body washes, soaps and other personal care products out of the nation’s lakes and streams.

The committee approved an amendment to establish a substitute for the Microbeads Free Waters Act of 2015 to ban microbeads from personal care products and set up an aggressive timeline for the phasing out of these products beginning in 2017. The committee then voted favorably to move the substitute bill to the floor for a vote.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.), applies to any non-prescription, rinse-off cosmetic product.

We’ve got sketchy Syrians with stolen passports trying to get into the United States, but by all means, let’s focus on the domestic scourge of microbeads.

Is there any remaining shred of doubt that our government is a joke?