This afternoon, Mother Jones decided to tease Twitter with an intriguing headline:

We’re guessing they didn’t anticipate the well-deserved Hillary-pummeling that ensued:

And then, of course, there’s the fun stuff:

So, what’d Hillary do that impressed MoJo so much?

Today Clinton produced her own $30 billion plan, which would use a smattering of tax incentives and grant funding to support public health, education, and entrepreneurial initiatives in coal communities from Appalachia to Wyoming.

You can read the full plan here. It follows the lead of a similar but much smaller initiative Obama rolled out last month. Much of it is targeted at rebuilding infrastructure—highways, bridges, railroads, broadband networks. The Clinton campaign says that kind of development would not only create new jobs to replace those lost in the coal industry, but be vital for growing new industries.

Yawn. We liked people’s guesses a lot better.