And other one bites the dust:

From Campus Reform:

Dr. Brigham was sharply criticized in the media for requiring his students to attend class and take their exam. Salon ran a story with the headline “White Missouri professor shames black students for heeding violent threats.”The Washington Post featured similar coverage of “a white professor” who “challenged his students to come to class.”

Those upset with Dr. Brigham’s decision to hold class took to Twitter calling for Brigham to be fired and calling him “a failure as a human being.”

Here are some tweets from “those upset”:

Well, mission accomplished, snowflakes:

Under intense pressure, Dr. Brigham has both cancelled the exam and resigned from the university, according to screenshots posted online of an email from Dr. Brigham to his students.

Here’s that email:

You know who hasn’t resigned from Mizzou? Melissa Click. You know, the professor who called on “muscle” to rough up reporters trying to cover the student protests.

Shame, indeed.

Not until the social justice warriors have claimed their last scalp.

No. He isn’t.

In the meantime, we sincerely hope Prof. Brigham lands on his feet and hope that he’ll find a permanent place where he’ll be given the appreciation and respect he so richly deserves.



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