Feminist and Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti has a big ol’ bee in her bonnet. Yeah, yeah, we know. What else is new, right?

But this is just too good to ignore.

We’ve made it pretty clear that we’re not exactly fans of Ohio governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich. But we’re having a really hard time getting bent out of shape over this:

Here, let Mic explain why we’re supposed to be upset:

Kasich, who is currently in 10th place in Iowa, explained he didn’t see corruption as a major issue. He used his experience balancing the budget in Ohio to detail his views of interest groups and their influence. Kasich then reiterated his point, this time using language that ladies’ brains can understand: dieting.

“Have you ever been on a diet?” Kasich said to a woman. The woman replied, “Many times,” to which he laughed and responded “Well, you’re the perfect example.”

“So you set a goal and you reach it, and then what happens? A little spumoni, a trip to Mario’s,” Kasich said, apparently referring to an Italian dessert and a local restaurant, both of which can get in the way of this woman sticking to her diet.

Sorry, but it’s pretty clear what point Kasich is trying to make.

But there’s a huge market for feminist outrage, and that’s why Jessica Valenti’s got smoke coming out of her ears.

In last week’s GOP debate, Marco Rubio made a joke:

After a question about how he manages his finances, Rubio drew laughs when he admitted that his wife once asked him why “someone named Sallie-Mae” was taking $1,000 out his paycheck each month.

There’s only one explanation for what he said: SEXISM!!!11!

Yep. Marco Rubio is totes sexist, you guys. Just like all Republican men:

Bless her heart. Just bless it!

You think it’s exhausting reading Jessica Valenti’s tweets? Just imagine what it’s like to actually be Jessica Valenti.

You know something, Jessica?

Well, maybe she’ll keep that in mind for the next time!



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