As Twitchy reported, this evening, President Obama ambled down from his ivory tower to weigh in on today’s deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. He was careful to let America know how disgusted he was with the murderer gun-rights advocates. As The Hill put it, he was “visibly angry”:

Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have enough misdirected anger to go around. As The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes noticed, despite his professed outrage about the #UCCShooting, the president has been conspicuously silent about these:

Funny, that.

Indeed it is.


Uh, you sure about that, Mr. President? Maybe you should swing by your hometown on your way to your next golf game.

Of course, Chicago’s just one city in one state that’s awash in violence despite strict gun control laws.

So, basically, President Obama’s just blowing smoke. What else is new?



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