As Twitchy reported, Glenn Kessler’s “Fact Checker” column at the Washington Post recently awarded “three Pinocchios” to Carly Fiorina’s account of her career trajectory:

The Fact Checker was widely criticized — including by Howard Kurtz — for suggesting Fiorina lied, and today, Kessler responded to those who called the WaPo out:

Too bad for Kessler, that clarification only helped to cement his status as a total hack.

Have a look:

So, if you admit the “Pinocchio test” isn’t really about “the facts,” then how, exactly, can you call yourself a fact checker?

Who does Kessler think he’s fooling?


Maybe Kessler should change the title of his response:

And, while he’s at it, change his title for himself:


Howard Kurtz ‘dismantles’ WaPo fact-check about Carly Fiorina’s career path