Pro-abort actress Lena Dunham has a true soulmate in singer Jack Antonoff. So it was only natural for the two of them to team up for a delightful little tribute to Planned Parenthood.

This crap is supposed to pass for edu-tainment. Or something. But clearly Antonoff’s not starting off on a terribly informed foot:

Why did you choose to partner with Planned Parenthood?
“Planned Parenthood is an incredible place that saves lives. It’s a place where people can go and get…information…[and/or take] specific action [with their bodies] when they need to… Planned Parenthood’s entire thing is they’re there to help… They’re there to help people make good decisions and good choices, and I don’t see anything from Planned Parenthood that isn’t just incredibly positive and focused on people having a better quality of life.”

Spoken like a guy who’s in serious need of a reality check.

“I don’t think anyone can sit there and definitively say what someone else should do with their own body. We have to give people options with their bodies, because when people don’t have options, really bad decisions are made, and really horrible things can happen… I think Planned Parenthood gives a world of options.”

Options like this, Jack?