Vox’s Sarah Kliff — yes, the same Sarah Kliff who didn’t think it was necessary to cover Kermit Gosnell because he was just a “local crime” story — is pretty sure that all the uproar over Planned Parenthood is based on lies.

How does she know? Because she watched all 12 hours of video footage:

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 3.09.45 PM

That’s great, Sarah. Really. Except there’s just one problem:

Since July 14, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released 17 hours, 39 minutes and 23 seconds of footage exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting aborted baby parts.*

To be fair, Kliff first claimed she “watched all 12 hours of the unedited Planned Parenthood videos” on Sept. 9, before CMP released its last video. But even by Sept. 9, CMP had still released 16 hours, 11 minutes and 35 seconds.

If by “unedited Planned Parenthood videos,” Kliff meant she only watched videos explicitly labeled “full footage” on CMP’s YouTube channel, the total still comes to 15 hours, 38 minutes and 40 seconds through Sept. 9.


Gee, what reason could Sarah Kliff possibly have for not doing her due journalistic diligence in covering Planned Parenthood? Tweeter @back_ttys couldn’t help but notice something:

And then … there’s this:

Planned Parenthood sent @Sarahkliff chocolate birth control.

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Well, isn’t that special?



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