Just the greatest.

As has become his tradition, former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer is tweeting his powerful firsthand account of 9/11 today. And rather than pausing in solemn remembrance of that horrible day, some people instead are taking the opportunity to spew bile at Fleischer. People like National Memo editor in chief Joe Conason, who had this to say:

Nice, huh?

Yeah, he kind of is.

And Conason would know. Because he was totally there when it happened.

Except no. He wasn’t.

Pretty much. Have a look:

That tweet is just the epitome of decency, isn’t it?

Because there’s nothing so vile as reflecting on a day that profoundly affected you.

When Joe and all his fellow arbiters of decency finish complaining, here’s something for them to chew on:




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