Heads up, folks: Team Trump is playing to win. Check this action out:

From Politico:

“I’d love to have Mike involved in some capacity. Why? Because Mike knows how to win and our politicians don’t,” Trump said about Hall of Fame coach Mike Ditka “Nobody messed with Mike.”

“He’s a great guy. A total winner. A totally great guy and a total winner. And I am honored to hear such nice things said about me that are totally unsolicited!” Trump responded. “I’ve met him briefly over the years, but I am a big fan of his toughness and we need more of that in our country!”

And if there’s one thing Trump knows, it’s great guys and winners. Total winners. No losers for him!

For what it’s worth, Ditka digs The Donald:

With some minor reservations, that is:

But since Donald himself is a great guy and total winner, Mike may be willing to overlook his lack of a filter.

So, what would a Ditka-fied Trump cabinet look like?

Picture this:

Or better yet:

Better still?

Well, at least a sausage ambassador would be less likely to jeopardize national — and global — security … we hope.