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We’ve seen not one but two shady undercover videos attacking Planned Parenthood in the last week, part of a systematic attempt at advancing a religious and political agenda that harms reproductive rights and autonomy. In each heavily-edited film, we see alleged negotiations over buying fetal tissue for research, an activity which is categorically illegal. Human organs and tissue cannot be bought or traded in the U.S. However, Planned Parenthood does not in fact do this, and it’s disingenuous and dangerous to imply otherwise. Instead, some clinics empower patients who are interested in seeing their abortions go to a good cause — and you can be one of those patients, if you’re so inclined.

In a way, though, they also did us a favor. Many patients weren’t even aware that they could donate fetal tissue for research before these videos helpfully informed them about it. Donating fetal tissue contributes to invaluable scientific research that cannot be performed with other organ and tissue donations, but the stigma surrounding abortion has made it verboten topic — at the cost of medical advancements. In the midst of efforts to push back on these deceitful videos, we’re missing an opportunity to talk about how, and why, to donate fetal tissue to research. For those considering abortion or those who might need the procedure in the future, thinking ahead of time about the possibility of organ and tissue donation is a smart move, one akin to registering as an organ donor.

Trafficking in fetal organs: It’s almost as much fun as bowling for abortion!