Oh, fer cryin’ out loud …

As Twitchy reported, earlier today, President Choom Gang visited inmates at the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma. Vice wrote up an article about it.

Ever the dutiful Obama promoter, Valerie Jarrett shared it with her followers — and this was evidently her favorite part:

Here’s the full paragraph, for your reading pleasure:

“I am not gonna lie; I went up to my room and cried,” Steven Tyrone Johnson, a nonviolent crack cocaine offender serving life without parole, said about hearing the news. “I feel that after twenty years in these prisons, the good Lord brought us Barack Obama to set things right.”

So basically, Valerie wanted to highlight the guy saying Obama is a gift from God. Sounds about right.

Oh yeah. Reeeeeeal subtle.

Not to mention totally obtuse. See, she made sure to point out Obama’s messianic awesomeness:

… But the Marines murdered in Chattanooga? They apparently don’t even merit a mention from her.

Good to know her priorities are as solid as ever.