As Twitchy reported, professional union goon Richard Trumka made himself beam with this totes brutal assessment of Scott Walker:

While the rest of us were busy mocking him, Rolling Stone was fawning like a lovesick schoolgirl:

Really, guys? Really? Where do we even start with this?

How about here:

That’s putting it mildly. Bogus UVA rape story, anyone?

True story.

Heh. Today’s Trumka squee session definitely isn’t doing them any favors. It seems to us that if anyone is getting “destroyed” here, it’s the hacks at Rolling Stone.

Need we say more? Not really. Well, maybe just this:



We have a ‘winner’! This ought to shut Trumka and Rolling Stone right up [Photoshop]



So, this is embarrassing: Did this union goon offer the lamest attack on Scott Walker yet? (It’s mock-tastic)

Don’t look now union goon Trumka, but the drubbing over your Scott Walker attack fail is brutally delicious