What in the ever-loving hell is this crappery?

Why, it’s CNN, of course!

Today, disgraced OPM Director Katherine Archuleta tendered her resignation:

“I write to you this afternoon to share that earlier today, I offered and the President accepted my resignation as the Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management,” she wrote. “Leading this agency and serving with all of you has been the highlight of my career.”

A career that, evidently, is Republicans’ fault:

As Evan Perez and Wesley Bruer write:

Aides to Republican lawmakers who voted for her confirmation now acknowledge they didn’t pay enough attention to the importance of technology in the agency Archuleta was taking over.

Can you even? Because we can’t. At all.

Nope. As long as there’s a Republican out there somewhere, he’s responsible for everything that goes wrong, everywhere, forever and ever.

This … is CNN.

Oh, it’s embarrassing, all right. But what else should we expect from CNN at this point?

Laughter is really the only way to process this without going insane. That or tearing our hair out.

Editor’s note: Wesley Bruer’s last name was initially misspelled. We’ve corrected the mistake and apologize for the error.



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