As Twitchy reported, CNN’s Evan Perez and Wesley Bruer managed to turn Katherine Archuleta’s disastrous tenure as OPM director into a Republican-induced screwup. Because of course they did.

CNN took a beating for it, and rightfully so. And it looks like Perez tried to backpedal somewhat, tweeting this out about 35 minutes after @CNNPolitics’ original tweet:

Oh, so now it’s “Ds & Rs”? Too bad that’s still not the gist of your article, Evan.

Nice try, but no.

Fine, Evan. So you didn’t write the tweet. But you co-wrote the article that inspired it, and you didn’t seem to take issue with until you were caught.

That’s putting it mildly. You and CNN royally blew it.

Yep. That’s him in a nutshell.

Fair question.

Heck yeah, it is. Which is why we’ll let Ace have the last word:


Same as it ever was.



‘Whoooo boy!’ CNN’s spin on disgraced OPM director Katherine Archuleta will leave you dizzy — and disgusted

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