It’s no secret that Jim Carrey’s an anti-vaxx buffoon, but over the past few days, he’s really upped his crazy game:

Is this reasonable, Jim?

There used to be an image there:

jim carrey vaccine tweet

So, what happened to it?

He exploited the kid, is what he did.

The child’s aunt, Elizabeth Welch, also rightly ripped into Carrey:

Her full Instagram message:

Share this one please:
Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram friends, I need your help. Jim Carrey (yes that one) tweeted out an image of my nephew who suffers from Autism and tuberous sclerosis as an example of anti-vaccinations. Alex had these conditions before he was ever vaccinated. I’m very disgusted and sickened that a celebrity would use a photo like this that was used in the first place to spread awareness of Tuberous Sclerosis to mock him and and my sister for vaccinations. Even if that was not his intended outcome, it is what happened. Please spread this, and let’s try to get this tweet removed. #vaccines #california#californialaw #californiavaccinationlaw#jimcarey #vaccination #vaccinations#privacy #privacyrights #factcheck

Way to out-scum yourself, Jim.


If he did, would he care?

Great work, Jim. As always.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about Alex:



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