The other day, Salon tried to rain on our Fourth of July parade by pointing out that fireworks cause pollution. But this, this is arguably an even greater affront to the American Spirit:

Disturbing is right:

Bubble Wrap, the packaging material popular with shippers and toddlers alike, is losing its pop.

Sealed Air Corp., the original seller of Bubble Wrap since 1960, is rolling out a revamped version of its signature product. Dubbed iBubble Wrap, the new packaging is sold in flat plastic sheets that the shipper fills with air using a custom-made pump. The inflated bubbles look much like traditional Bubble Wrap, with one key difference: They don’t burst when pressure is applied.

What fresh hell is this?

Point? Point? There is no point. Except to make us miserable. Which is just what Obama would want …

Guess there’s only one thing to do now: