Orange is the new black … and hateful vulgarity is the new tolerance:

Yeah, she went there. More from the charming interview (writer Michael Hayne’s questions are in boldfaced type; DeLaria’s answers are not):

Now you’re a very informed and insightful person with liberal leanings, so maybe we can talk politics for moment. It seems the Republican party wants to lead us all the way into the 1920s, and yet many of their rank-and-file are having an especially hard time suppressing their inner self-loathing homosexual. I was wondering if you wanted to weigh in a little bit on the presidential race, since LGBT issues are very near to you and America finally seems to be jumping on board with them.

It’s like this, son: As we gain our rights, those who oppose us will fight back harder. I am thrilled that the vast majority of Americans realize that what is right is right and discrimination is always wrong. The conservative creepy Christians will always be out there trying to take us down, and as long as those of us on the left stick together as one strong voice for justice, we win every time. F*ck republicans! They should all suck my dyke d*ck, which as you saw in my episode is quite big.

She seems nice, doesn’t she?

We all can.

P.S. Lea gets extra tolerance points for this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.22.34 AM

Yeah, referring to Justice Clarence Thomas as “a clown in blackface” is totes “on point.” Clearly Lea is not only a big, lovable sweetheart, but she’s also an excellent judge of character!