Now that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s thrown his hat into the 2016 ring, it’s apparently open season on him.

Yesterday, the Washington Post gave airtime to the notion that Jindal has abandoned his Indian-ness to get ahead in politics:

Today, The New Republic followed suit, digging up a February post throwing controversial conservative Dinesh D’Souza into the mix:

Here’s just a sample:

It’s tempting to dismiss D’Souza as an outlier. He’s aligned with the right-wing of the Republican party, while the vast majority of American South Asians identify as Democrats. Still, anyone who spends time among South Asians will recognize the popular currency of attitudes like D’Souza’s. Moreover, D’Souza indicates a wider problem, given that one of the Republican Party’s most prominent Islamophobic voices is Louisana Governor Bobby Jindal, a South Asian. D’Souza’s racism and Jindal’s xenophobia find a more muted parallel in the career of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, whose advancement includes suppressing public references to her Sikh heritage and being presented by her campaign as a “proud Christian woman.” The careers of D’Souza, Jindal, and Haley carry an implicit message: Racial minorities can advance in the GOP by erasing their ethnic identity and/or attacking other minorities.

Pretty disgusting, right?

But please, allow the piece’s author Jeet Heer to explain:

Gee, that’s awful generous of him. And not remotely condescending or bigoted at all!


The dolt doth project too much.

Jonah Goldberg of National Review — which was also vilified in Heer’s piece — had a question:

Asked, and answered:

Editor’s note: This post has been edited to clarify that the TNR piece was originally written in February 2015. We apologize for any confusion.



Looks like TNR’s been doing some tinkering:

Yes indeed:



‘How is this not racist?’ WaPo gives airtime to blatant bigotry about Bobby Jindal