It really is something to behold.

It’s only been a few days since The New York Times last ran away from The Washington Free Beacon into the comforting arms of Politico, but today, they’re back at it. Last night, the Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman wrote a piece about the NYT endorsing Hillary the same year their Neediest Cases Fund received a hefty donation from the Clinton Family Foundation:

This morning, Politico’s Dylan Byers posted an article about Goodman’s report:

Naturally, Byers’ piece — not Goodman’s — was the one the NYT responded to.

This guy called it last night:

Asked, and answered:

Feels pretty full of crap, is what it feels like.

Of course it is.

And still, it’s more than the Times were willing to give Goodman:

You’d think by now, the NYT would be concerned that we’re on to their shameful, shady game. But no. They just keep pulling this same shameless stunt.

Kudos to Goodman for not giving up:

Here’s a comment for you, NYT: You’re pathetic.

And Politico keeps letting the Times do it. Over and over again.

It’s not really Byers’ fault that the NYT runs to him every time they don’t want to be confronted by an outlet they perceive as hostile. But you’d hope maybe by now that Byers would express a little more concern — maybe even anger — over blatant media malpractice:

It’s infuriating.



More from Byers:

Sounds about right. This, however, does not:

Oh, puh-leeze. Do the NYT actually expect us to believe that?

If anything, the NYT’s lame response only prompts more questions about their ethics.



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