Lookout, global warming! The G7 is a-comin’ for you!

From Politico:

ELMAU, Germany — The G7 agreed Monday afternoon to limit the increase in global temperatures to a maximum of 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, a victory for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who wanted the group of wealthy countries to present a united front ahead of a climate summit in Paris this December.

“Urgent and concrete action is needed to address climate change,” said a statement issued by the group, ending a summit held in the Bavarian Alps. The plan calls for meeting a United Nations recommendation for reducing emissions in 2050 from 40 to 70 percent below 2010 levels. That may be enough to prevent global temperatures from rising to dangerous levels.

Merkel’s hope is that the example set by the G7 — making up most of the world’s leading industrial economies — will send a message to other polluters.

Oh yeah. This we’d love to see.

Heh. Mayhaps just a touch:

And the weather had better listen to ’em … or else!