Now this is the kind of “climate control” Al Sharpton could get behind:

Read all about it:

We created a flavor to bring attention to this historic issue and to send out our own SOS for our planet. It’s called Save Our Swirled, featuring raspberry ice cream, marshmallow and raspberry swirls, plus dark and white fudge ice cream cones. It’s unlike any Ben & Jerry’s flavor before it. In the words of Chris Rivard, the Flavor Guru behind Save Our Swirled, “It’s sweet and refreshing with a chocolaty finish; truly a great flavor.”

But how do we tell the climate change story using ice cream? Dig out a chunky spoonful and you can’t help but notice the unique dark and white fudge ice cream cones that appear to be melting. Our stance on climate change and our ice cream is one in the same: If it’s melted, it’s ruined! Save Our Swirled is more than just our newest “swirled-class” flavor: it’s a climate change message you can’t ignore.

But wait — there’s a video, too!

So, do you feel stirred to action? Are you ready to see climate change get creamed?

Thanks a lot, Ben and Jerry. Talk about an ice cream headache.

Well, yeah. Crapping on the things that bring us joy is what they do best!