The wait is over, teens of America. It looks like you may now have a voice:


They’re so excited, you guys, because at long last, they’ll be taken seriously!

Or not:


Heh. Talk about a missed opportunity!

Tweeter @redsteeze, in particular, had some fun at @hillaryforteens’ expense:

Alas, the teens couldn’t take it:

Well, shoot.

For the record, he’s talking about this one:

Gee, who wouldn’t want to get their mitts on one or 15 of those? Isn’t it just so hip and cool?

Whatevs, hater. All that hating will only come back to bite you.

Yes. Yes they did:

Didn’t seem to bother @redsteeze much, though:

Great question. We’re certainly proud of him. That was some first-class trolling, right there.

Good stuff.

If it is parody, it’s a darn good one. But we like to think it’s real. Real and spectacular[ly awful].

And one more suggestion: