Earlier this week, President Obama — well, supposedly it’s really him — joined Twitter as @POTUS. And because the world isn’t always a friendly place, a fraction of tweeters out there decided to direct nasty, racially charged messages at him.

David Badash at The New Civil Rights Movement decided to write about it:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.43.18 AM

Now, we could spend time trying to figure out exactly how Badash turned a handful of ugly tweets into a veritable flood of conservative bigotry, but if you’ll indulge us, we’d rather take a closer look at WaPo writer and MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capehart’s take:

Beg your pardon?

Is that so?

Once more, with feeling:

Allow him to elaborate:

There are moments when I come thisclose to quitting Twitter. The amount of hatred squeezed into 140 characters or less by lunatics usually cloaked in anonymity is enough to make you question your support for the First Amendment and your faith in the decency of other people. To the uninitiated, the torrent of bigotry can leave you feeling violated. Even the most seasoned, battle-scarred, seen-it-all, can’t-nuthin’-shock-me individual will be left O-o by the filth in his or her Twitter feed.

A story I just read by David Badash at thenewcivilrightsmovement.com about the welcome President Obama got upon joining Twitter left me slack-jawed.

You know what leaves us slack-jawed, Jonathan? That some stupid tweets are enough to make you doubt the First Amendment’s worth.

Dude, just because you got something right once doesn’t mean you’re immune from getting called out on your B.S.

Maybe instead of questioning his support for the First Amendment, he should be questioning his understanding of it.

We don’t recall Jonathan getting the vapors when this happened:

Or this:

Guess those times were different or something.

Freedom is hard for people like Capehart.

God bless America.

Here’s an idea:

We’ll wait.

Looks like we’ll be waiting a while.