Take a bow, Mark!

From ThinkProgress’ Ian Millhiser:

Late last month, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin conducted a cringe-worthy interview with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). The interview meandered from questions about how Cruz plans to appeal to Latino voters to what appeared to be a series of requests that Cruz, who is Cuban American, prove that he is really, truly, authentically Cuban. By the end of the interview, when Halperin asks Cruz to say a few words “en Español,” one can’t help but think that Cruz had unwittingly wandered into a minstrel show, with Halperin demanding that Cruz perform for an audience.

Whatever drove Halperin to grill Cruz about his Cuban bona fides, however, Halperin’s critics are right to lay into him. Ted Cruz should be judged based on whether his policies will help or harm voters, not based on whether he can name his favorite Cuban musician.


Up is down, black is white, day is night … and we’ve actually got to give some credit to ThinkProgress.

Indeed. Good for them. Though we’re still kind of in shock, heh.

It really is hard to process what’s happened. But, well, we’ll take it where we can get it.



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