They’d better be!

At HotAir, Ed Morrissey writes:

Welcome to the latest media litmus test for Republican candidates, which like the 2012 litmus test — contraception — has absolutely nothing to do with the job for which they’re vying. Thanks to our crack legions of national reporters, we now know how Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and now John Kasich will RSVP when the gilt-edged invitation shows up in the mail. Meanwhile, we still don’t know whether Hillary Clinton would sign the deal with Iran or why she refused to bolster security around the Benghazi consulate.

To borrow a phrase from, like, two years ago, dude — what difference does it make?

On Twitter, I noted a few reactions from fellow conservatives that declared Kasich to have disqualified himself for their vote on this basis alone. It’s not clear whether Kasich would have ever held much hope for those votes anyway, but it seems an odd basis on which to choose the next presidential nominee. How exactly does this relate to the duties of that office, not just as a significant portion but as a supreme disqualifier?

Exactly. What is Kasich expecting? A medal?

How can we get in on this?



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