Sorry, Ted Cruz. Looks like you can’t count on “Bizarre Foods” host Andrew Zimmern’s vote in 2016. What a shame.

OK, so there are two problems with that tweet:

  • Peter King doesn’t do “great takes.” Peter King is off his rocker. And, as he himself threatened, possibly off a bridge.
  • Ted Cruz may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing he most definitely is not is an imbecile.

It’s not the opposing views that frighten; it’s the ignorance. Like him or not, Cruz is a smart guy. He used his brain to get to where he is.

Shocking, eh?

No, Andrew. You educate yourself.

You mean, like, as opposed to Barack Obama?

Come on, man.

Exactly. That’s where you excel, Andrew. Just embrace it.

Plus, you don’t want to be branded a racist, do you?




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