As Twitchy reported, PolitiFact’s Louis Jacobson made a colossal jackwagon of himself when he went ahead with a “fact-checking” article based on work by Jonah Goldberg and Kevin Williamson — without actually bothering to follow up on half-assed “inquiries” to Goldberg and Williamson.

This afternoon, after hours of sound verbal beatings, PolitiFact finally acknowledged their mistake. Well, sort of:

And just to show how “sorry” they are, they amended the article with this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 4.28.02 PM

Sorry, PolitiFact, but that kiss doesn’t make it all better:

Now that rating is accurate.

Last word to Jonah Goldberg:

Fortunately, Goldberg, unlike PolitiFact, is a professional — and he handled it like one:




It’s Williamson’s turn:

As well it should.



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