You couldn’t make this up if you tried:

No, really:

As part of a segment that lasted two minutes, on a newscast that features approximately 19 to 20 minutes of actual news, Williams showed footage from that day in 2003 — and from the professional hockey game that Williams took Terpak to last week. In the video shown to millions on the Nightly News, Williams was repeatedly in the frame too, wrapped literally and figuratively in an embrace by a man cheered by thousands at Madison Square Garden as a military hero.

It is an embrace that Williams has welcomed and cultivated as part of his persona. His stint in Iraq was his final spur to earn as a correspondent before inheriting the NBC anchor’s desk from Tom Brokaw in what was one of the smoothest transitions ever engineered in the network news business. Indeed, Williams is currently a member of the board of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, which helps raise money for the activities of the society that bestows that award on noncommissioned officers and service members. It is not an accident that the continuing celebration of Williams’ decade mark as NBC’s chief anchor plays up his time covering combat with images of him in flak jackets.

Seriously. Too perfect.

Oh yes.

What else can you do but crack jokes?

The whole thing’s just so ridiculous!

Parting question:



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