At the end of the year, photo retrospectives are a dime a dozen. They’re nice and everything, but not exactly unique. You guys deserve something more. And that’s where we come in.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the best Photoshops of the year!

10) ‘Perfect!’ This Pajama Boy Photoshop hilariously ‘nails’ WH Obamacare job losses spin

Pajama Boy first entered the American consciousness in 2013, but the Obamacare poster child continued to make the occasional appearance throughout this past year. Americans For Prosperity was only too happy to ensure that his legend continued:

9) It’s a ‘fore-gone conclusion’ that this new Obama logo is PERFECT [Photoshops]

We’ve been staring at that gawd-awful Pepsi-esque Obama logo for years now:

Obama logo

It’s long past time for an update. Something that really screams “Obama,” you know? Something like … this:

8) ‘OK, this is good’: New pic of ‘bad boy’ Ted Cruz could make your ‘lib friends’ heads explode’ [Photoshop]

Earlier this year, mysterious posters of a tatted-up Ted Cruz popped up around Beverly Hills:

Twitchy pal Jon Gabriel decided to up the badass ante:

7) This portrayal of what Obama did instead of an Ebola travel ban will seriously crack you up [Photoshop]

President Obama’s handling of the Ebola crisis was, shall we say, less than inspiring. Which is why this Photoshop is so perfect:

6) @exjon finds a new gig for State Department’s Marie Harf [Photoshop]

Marie Harf clearly isn’t cut out for this whole State-Department-deputy-spokesperson gig, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t meant for something. Jon Gabriel found the perfect job for her:

5) ‘Laughing so hard’: Don’t miss this ‘gripping photo’ of Obama’s Ukraine strategy meeting [Photoshop]

As we watched the crisis in Ukraine unfold, we couldn’t help but wonder, “What does the Obama White House think about all this?” Blogger and gifted Photoshopper Caleb Howe answered that question with a detailed — and hilarious — picture:

4) ‘Can’t breathe’: Sebelius’ ‘perfect’ farewell ‘glitch’ is comedy gold [video, Photoshop]

During her tenure as HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius couldn’t really do anything right. So how fitting that she messed up her farewell speech:

Don’t worry — there’s a Photoshop for that:

3) ‘These are gold’! Cranky Chris Matthews inspires priceless new meme [Photoshops]

How could anyone forget Chris Matthews’ Election Night pouty-face?

But more importantly, how could anyone not see the amazing Photoshop potential?

2) ‘Another winner’! MAD Magazine busts Obama on his birthday [Photoshop]

Nobody loves an executive order more than Barack Obama. Nobody loves Barack Obama more than Barack Obama, either. So MAD Magazine figured out a way to combine all that love into a delightful little birthday greeting:

1) ‘Ugh come on guys’! Dems’ proposed Obama bumper sticker sparks facepalms, Photoshops [pics]; Updated: Dems double down

The Democrats were pretty proud of this thing:

That’s cute, guys. But not remotely accurate. Now these … these are much more suitable:

Let’s give ’em all a big round of applause!