It was a big effing year for Uncle Joe Biden. Let’s look back at some of his finest moments:

7) ‘Joke of the Day,’ Joe Biden edition 

Really, dude? You can’t think of a single one?

Stay tuned for six good ones.

6) Smilin’ Joe Biden amuses some, creeps out others during SOTU [pics, Vine]

This is not a face that inspires confidence:

What the hell is he grinning about? It can’t be the actual state of our union …

5) ‘He’s crazy’: Joe Biden’s attempt to smooth things over with Benjamin Netanyahu is ‘an embarrassment’

Nobody does diplomacy quite like Joe Biden:


4) ‘Thought this was from The Onion’: Joe Biden says president ‘put me in charge of this hemisphere’

We’ll give him this much: He’s got a way with words.

That sounds like a big job, Joe. Sure you can handle it?

3) Biden: Those who oppose LGBT rights are ‘the troglodytes’

Here’s a sure-fire way to win hearts and minds:

Come on, man.

2) ‘What year is this?’ Joe Biden rides ‘the Orient’ express to Idiot-ville again 

Oh no he di’int! Wait, yes he did:

“Bidenrrhea” really is the perfect word for this.

1) ‘Folksy’ Vice President Biden chided for referring to unscrupulous bankers as ‘Shylocks’

Remember this one? It was … well, it was really something:

Was his handler in the bathroom or something?

Well, Mr. Vice President, are those reasons “obvious” enough for you?