Yesterday, reports that newly elected House Majority Whip Steve Scalise spoke at a meeting of white supremacists in 2002 magically renewed the media’s interest in doing research. Journos were suddenly falling all over themselves to dig up “the truth” about Scalise, even going so far as to plumb the depths of Stormfront for evidence of the GOP congressman’s secret racist past.

For the media, though, only selective outrage will do. They just don’t have the time or patience to consider the Democratic Party’s long, detailed history with racists. CNBC’s John J. Harwood is certainly too busy for that:

Is that so, John?

Indeed they are. But only one of them is repeatedly legitimized by the media and Democrats and given multiple platforms from which to spew his crap. Hint: It’s not David Duke.

That’s Al Sharpton, John. So, who’s the one with the problem?

Amen to that!



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