Ex-ThinkProgress tool and current AlterNet contributor Zaid Jilani is a really sensitive guy. Well, sensitive when it comes to the public’s perception of radical Islamist terrorism, anyway.

As the horrific attack in Sydney unfolded this past weekend, Jilani’s big worry was … Islamophobia:

Oh, please.

Bingo. Well put. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for Jilani’s response:

That tweet was awful when he originally sent it out, but today? It’s arguably even worse.

As Twitchy reported, over 100 children were murdered when Taliban terrorists shot up a military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan

“Little white boys” didn’t do that, Zaid.

He can’t. And so, he’ll say nothing.

Too bad. He needs to get over it and cop to his raging jackassery.



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