That’s the gist of this spectacular drivel from Vox:

Just pathetic.

If you said Max Fisher, give yourself a big round of applause.


Nope, it isn’t. But there’s plenty more stupidity where that came from:

Here is what Muslims and Muslim organizations are expected to say: “As a Muslim, I condemn this attack and terrorism in any form.”

This expectation we place on Muslims, to be absolutely clear, is Islamophobic and bigoted. The denunciation is a form of apology: an apology for Islam and for Muslims. The implication is that every Muslim is under suspicion of being sympathetic to terrorism unless he or she explicitly says otherwise. The implication is also that any crime committed by a Muslim is the responsibility of all Muslims simply by virtue of their shared religion. This sort of thinking — blaming an entire group for the actions of a few individuals, assuming the worst about a person just because of their identity — is the very definition of bigotry.

It is time for that ritual to end: non-Muslims in all countries, and today especially those in Australia, should finally take on the correct assumption that Muslims hate terrorism just as much as they do, and cease expecting Muslims to prove their innocence just because of their faith.

That’s Vox’s message in a nutshell. We’ve got to cut Muslims an infinite amount of slack, but others? Not so much.

Now seems like an excellent time for Fisher and the rest of the JuiceVox-ers to take a good, long look in the mirror.

In short, Vox, just stop.



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