She’s talking to all her peeps out there who are standing by her after she got busted for libeling a man — “Barry” — by falsely identifying him as her college rapist in her book “Not That Kind of Girl”:

She’s still so overwhelmed by all your love, you guys:

Just look at it:

Oh, puh-leeeeze.

What about the “horrid accusations” against “Barry”?

Where? To a place where character assassination is not only acceptable, but celebrated?

All these tools leaping to Dunham’s defense might do well to take a moment to consider how they’d feel if they were in Barry’s shoes. Would they still see something in Dunham to admire?

Yep. Plenty of room.

Too bad Lena’s not terribly troubled by the fact that she’s a liar. Guess it’s easy not to mind when you don’t really have one of those pesky consciences to worry about.

And now we can return to our scheduled programming

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Sorry, Lena. But you can’t shake this one off.



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