Apologize? For what?

Oh, only this stunning piece of awfulness from earlier this week:


Yeah … in light of what’s happened with the UVA rape story and Rolling Stone’s journalistic implosion, maybe Sally shouldn’t’ve been so dismissive of the concept of independent corroboration, huh?

From Goldberg’s response:

I’m sorry I missed it while traveling. I don’t have the time or energy to explain all of the ways in which this is a ridiculous question. But let me take a quick stab. For starters, when news outlets report on a murder, there’s usually a body. There’s a criminal proceeding. There are witnesses. Grieving family members. There’s all sorts of paperwork filed with and by the police, prosecutors etc. Similarly, with robberies, reporters generally get their information from official sources who provide evidence of the offenses.

So, what’s Sally got to say for herself now?

Here’s what she wants to make sure Goldberg sees:

Yeah? And?

She could at least start with a simple “I’m sorry.”

Just say it, Sally.

Say it.



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