As Twitchy reported, outgoing U.S. AG Eric Holder has revealed that if there were one decision he could make over again, he would have “been a little more careful looking at the language that was contained in the filing that we made with the court. [James Rosen] was labeled as a co-conspirator. You had to do that as a result of the statute, but there are ways in which, I think, that could have been differently, done better.”

Tweeters eagerly awaited Rosen’s response.

He didn’t disappoint:

In a statement to TVNewser, Rosen responds: “Throughout this ordeal for my family and me, I have tried to keep my head down and continue covering – and breaking – the news. I consider myself blessed to have an employer in Fox News, and a boss in Roger Ailes, who have stood by me and enabled me to remain focused on what matters most to me in professional terms: first-rate journalism. At some later point, I may have more to say about this entire controversy, which – as commentators from across the ideological spectrum have noted – does indeed raise serious concerns about the state of press freedoms under the present administration. Suffice to say for now that the attorney general’s latest comments about my case, like his previous remarks, scarcely address the relevant facts of his conduct.”




Is Eric Holder’s ‘biggest regret’ supposed to make James Rosen feel better?

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