Charles Clymer writes for the Huffington Post and PolicyMic. He is also an ardent feminist — and he takes that very seriously:

Gee, Charles. That’s all very illuminating, but what we’d really like to hear from you is your take on Secret Service director Julia Pierson’s resignation. Are you up for that?

Hells yes, he is!

Oh, fer cryin’ out loud …

What’s to explain, exactly? Susan Rice sucked at her job. She didn’t need men to make her look incompetent. She did that all on her own.

Snort! That tweet might be our favorite.

Dunno … Clymer’s proven himself to be an amazing source of natural gas.



Something tells us that Clymer will be the gift that keeps on giving. For a while, anyway:

‘Impotent girly rage’: HuffPo’s Charles Clymer gets his ‘feminist’ wings clipped