The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge recently took an ugly turn when a group of Bay Village, Ohio, teens played a sadistic prank on a 14-year-old autistic boy. After reportedly telling the boy he’d be part of the Ice Bucket Challenge, they dumped a bucket full of urine and feces on him:

The family of the victim, who has autism, reported the incident to Bay police on Wednesday. The family said the bucket dumped on the teen contained urine, feces and spit. A video of the incident was posted to social media. Those involved are believed to be Bay High classmates of the teenager.

Police said Friday afternoon in a press release that they are “working closely with the Bay Schools, analyzing the device used to record the video, interviewing witnesses, determining exactly where and when this occurred and identifying those involved. Preliminary information suggests this occurred prior to the start of the school year at a home in Bay Village. ”

When police finish their investigation, they intend to turn over the information to the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office.

Comedian and “Price is Right” host Drew Carey was rightfully sickened when he learned of the horrible story:

And he’s pledging to help bring the perpetrators to justice:

But he’s not stopping there:

Awesome. Just awesome.

We couldn’t agree more.



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