Wouldn’t we all?

As Twitchy reported, an Emmy Awards sketch starring actress Sofia Vergara on a rotating pedestal was the sketch that launched a thousand feminist conniptions. The same people who cheered Beyoncé for spreading her legs in front of a giant “FEMINIST” sign at the MTV VMAs were sickened by the “objectification” of Vergara. Hypocrisy? You bet.

And Shannon Tweed is calling them out on it:

Wonder if Tweed is referring to Minaj’s VMA “wardrobe malfunction.” Or maybe it’s this:

If you’re not in the mood to watch the full video, here’s the gist of Minaj’s performance (via MTV.com):

nicki minaj


So, just to recap, here’s Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

And Exhibit C:

One of these things is not like the others.

And you know what? We think the busybodies in the Feminist Outrage Brigade are jealous, too — they’re just too ashamed to admit it.



‘Feminists and pajama boys’ clutch pearls after Sofia Vergara sketch at Emmys

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