In that case, it looks like idiots have a true friend in reporter Irin Carmon. Earlier, Carmon read an article in The Nation and thought it made a lot of sense, so she shared it with her followers:

More from the piece:

This means it’s likely that police in Ferguson, Missouri, have been spraying abortion-causing chemicals on crowds of civilians. Recently at, Dani McClain wrote about the killing of black youth as a reproductive justice issue, one that goes to the heart of the rights of parents to raise their children in peace, safety and dignity. She’s correct, of course, but if the anti-abortion movement were actually concerned about the well-being of the unborn, then the violence in Ferguson would be a pro-life issue as well.

Brilliant stuff. Just brilliant.

We’re so lucky Carmon could share it with us.

Hold on, now. Let’s follow that “logic” for a second:

Hey, good point!

One last question:



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