There’s spin, and then there’s spin. And then, well, there’s Tommy Christopher.

As Twitchy reported, CNN’s Don Lemon recently showed off his ignorance about firearms, insisting not only that he “was able to go out and buy an automatic weapon,” but that “most people can go out and buy an automatic weapon.” Now, it should be pretty clear to any reality-based viewer that Lemon got his clock cleaned. But if you ask Christopher, he’ll tell you a different story. And probably call you a “pasty gun-nut Lemon-hater”:

Aching. Sides.

More from The Daily Banter:

Conservatives are gleefully rimfiring in their jeans over a clip of CNN’s Don Lemon arguing with conservative pundit and Guy Who Always Dresses As Baby New Year For Halloween Ben Ferguson over the meaning of “automatic weapon.” But a surprising source says the gun nuts are the idiots here.

Christopher continues, valiantly attempting to make Lemon look like he knew what he was talking about. But, despite Lemon’s efforts to explain his flub away, he’s still wrong.

And in the end, it looks like he and Christopher are the novices who are really confused.



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