Al Sharpton couldn’t wait to insert himself into the Ferguson narrative. But Politico’s Glenn Thrush wonders if that might be an issue for MSNBC:

Thrush’s Politico colleague Dylan Byers weighed in:

MSNBC wanted a pot stirrer, not a legitimate journalist. Sharpton fit the bill.

Some have pointed out that other news network hosts have let their own views color their coverage:

But Thrush thinks Sharpton is a special case:

For what it’s worth, Sharpton seems happy with his role on MSNBC:

Just as long as he can keep on doing that thing he does:

That is part of my role as a civil rights leader of National Action Network and we’ve been doing that for decades, and it’s part of my role now that I also do talk radio and talk television.  Clearly I’m not on as a newsman, I’m on with an opinion advocating certain things, debating people that may agree or may disagree, and that’s the role of a civil rights activist.  It’s to put a spotlight on things that would have been ignored.



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