Recently released surveillance footage depicts a suspect police say resembles Michael Brown robbing a convenience store shortly before the shooting incident in Ferguson took place. And now, conservative tweeters are really out for blood. Well, if you ask Slate journo Jamelle Bouie, anyway:

Really, dude? Really?

Has Jamelle looked in a mirror lately?

Oh, well that’s all right, then.

What about the phenomenon of left-wing journo-hacks like Bouie painting “right-wing Twitter” as bloodthirsty racists? Isn’t that also “a thing,” Jamelle?

Except the term “right-wing Twitter” implies a whole lot more than just a “particular slice of right-wingers.”

Bouie’s not a journalist; he’s a one-man smear campaign.

But hey, maybe it’s not Jamelle’s fault he’s this way.