Barack Obama, that champion of the Workin’ Man, has been going on all day about the importance of raising the minimum wage. Because, gosh-darn it, priorities!

Now, earlier today, Obama pointed out that even though the price of milk has gone up, the minimum wage hasn’t increased in several years. That’s not a very compelling argument, especially when you consider, you know, inflation. But no matter. Because President Hardscrabble has a much better case thanks to actress Kristen Bell and those clever kids at Funny or Die:

If by “catchy,” you mean “extremely dishonest”:

For those of you who can’t stomach that treacly B.S., here’s a taste:

Mary Poppins: I’m only paid the federal minimum wage, see?

Michael: But you have magical powers!

Mary Poppins: You’d think that would entitle me to more than $7.25 an hour.

You’d think someone as classy as Mary Poppins would lose the entitlement mentality and be glad she’s got a job at all in Obama’s economy. When did she start hanging out with the Occupy Wall Street crowd?

Hey, maybe Mary could go work for Bell, instead. Kristen’s a self-proclaimed “rich person.” We have no doubt she could help Mary get back on her feet.

Well, you know what they say: Just a spoonful of sugar helps the ignorance go down!



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