Viral photos of 17-year-old Belgian Axelle Despiegelaere at the World Cup turned heads this week, eventually leading to a modeling contract with L’Oreal:

But that didn’t sit well with Business Insider’s senior entertainment editor Aly Weisman, who took issue with one of Despiegelaere’s Facebook posts:

Weisman made it clear what she thought of it:

Hold up: Despiegelaere made what was clearly a joke about beating team USA and shared a photo of her posting after a successful hunt? Quelle horreur!

Well, Weisman didn’t have to worry for long. Thanks to the efforts of the Outrage Brigade — of which Weisman is a proud member — Despiegelaere lost her contract:

But lest any of you think Weisman harbors any ill will toward Despiegelaere, let her set the record straight:

She’s “not anti-Axelle.” She just couldn’t sit by and watch a beautiful young woman who happened to hunt big game get a modeling contract. But she totes wishes Despiegelaere “the best,” you guys!



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