So, according to the Associated Press, the White House has amended its Bergdahl swap narrative yet again. AP reports that “officials” now claim that Congress was kept in the dark about the exchange because the Taliban had threatened to kill Bergdahl if the deal became public.

Most citizens are calling B.S. on this version of events, but the notion that President Obama would give in to the Taliban’s demands doesn’t seem nearly as unbelievable.

We can see it now:

President Fraidy-Cat.

Let’s take a few moments to imagine how other big decisions would play out in the Obama White House if the Taliban were calling the shots:

Hey, maybe there’s something to this “the Taliban made me do it” excuse after all:

There you go!

Heh. At least blaming the Taliban would be a nice break from blaming Bush. Though it definitely wouldn’t improve this president’s image.

Gutless is as gutless does.



‘What a crock’! AP says WH has new excuse for shady Bergdahl swap; Citizens call ‘major BS’