Another day, another reminder that Obamacare is working just fine:

Pop the champagne! Or not:

That’s pretty much the gist of what’s happened:

Four years after enactment of what is widely viewed as President Barack Obama’s key legislative achievement, however, it’s unclear whether the health care law is still on track to reduce the deficit or whether it may actually end up adding to the federal debt. In fact, the answer to that question has become something of a mystery.

In its latest report on the law, the Congressional Budget Office said it is no longer possible to assess the overall fiscal impact of the law. That conclusion came as a surprise to some fiscal experts in Washington and is drawing concern. And without a clear picture of the law’s overall financing, it could make it politically easier to continue delaying pieces of it, including revenue raisers, because any resulting cost increases might be hidden.


Just like everything else the Obama administration does: Poorly.

And “s” is for “screwed.”

The CBO may not be up to the task, but this guy definitely is:

We’ve gotta agree.



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