The optics are getting pretty ugly for the Obama administration. On top of everything else the White House is running from, with mounting evidence suggesting that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his platoon, the name of the game for Team Obama is damage control.

Former White House senior adviser and dedicated Obama flack David Plouffe is up to the task:

Quick! Blame Republicans! For everything.

He should be. The Obama administration is reaping the fruits of its incompetence and downright destructive policies.

Plouffe can try and shift blame until he’s blue in the face. In the end, there’s no denying that the Obama White House has done bad all by itself.

Who says he can’t be both?

As far as Bergdahl is concerned, Plouffe doesn’t have much ground to stand on when it comes to standing behind our military:

What’s wrong, David? Cat got your tongue?

Indeed. Unfortunately, the White House doesn’t share that sentiment:



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